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Sonnie Badu Idinma (You Are Good) MP3 Download & Lyrics

Sonnie Badu Idinma (You Are Good)

Check-Out this amazing brand new single song titled Idinma (You Are Good) by a Renowned and anointed Christian / Gospel singer Sonnie Badu whose mission is to be a blessing many people through kingdom music.

The song assures us that because Jesus has gone through it all, he sits on the right side of the Father and will always be there to advocate on our behalf. Jesus fulfills the roles of our brother, friend, and co-heir in full. He cures our ailments and supports us to overcome our problems and addictions. As you engage in worship and praise and vocalize these tunes, anticipate a miraculous transformation.

Sonnie Badu Idinma (You Are Good)
Sonnie Badu Idinma (You Are Good)

The song’s comforting premise is that God intervenes when human knowledge fails. This is a word of encouragement that every believer needs, in my opinion. We frequently find ourselves in hospital beds, our dreams dashed by the fact that men have given up on us and are at a loss for answers.

We occasionally face hardships and persecution for the sake of our faith. We can be abandoned by men and treated with disdain, leaving us on our own. The Bible assures us that God will always offer a way out and will not allow temptation to overtake us (1 Corinthians 10:13) so you are not alone, dear one. Take heart. He is a wonderful God with flawless ways.

Sonnie Badu Idinma (You Are Good)
Sonnie Badu Idinma (You Are Good)

sonnie badu new song 2023

Sonnie BaduIdinma

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